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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


One thing is certain. Negotiations are very important in conflict resolution, personal relationships and in business. Negotiation is an art and often it has to be learned to be effective. Every day we are involved in some form of negotiation, with oneself or sometimes called rationalizing, with another person, with a group of people, and even between nations. However, one should keep in mind that negotiations are possible only if both parties are willing to negotiate.  Negotiations occur in parenting, marriages, divorce, relationships, at work, at home, and within an organization or between companies.  A negotiation also happens in business dealings such as buying a house or a car. In the real estate industry a certified negotiation expert may have an edge in clinching a deal. Oftentimes we hear such saying as give-and-take, talks, dialogue, discussion, bargaining, mediation, diplomacy. These are in most instances really negotiation. The intended aim of negotiation is compromise and making concessions for agreement; after pressing and relevant issues are clarified, areas of common ground are identified, points of differences resolved, course of action has been decided, and mutually satisfactory agreement has been achieved. Knowing you have negotiation skills would immediately boost one’s confidence and assertiveness and preclude any possible confrontation. To be successful in negotiation, instead of coming to the negotiation table caught off guard or vulnerable, one should be totally prepared and spontaneous.  Instead of appearing intimidating one should be more relaxed, approachable and inviting. Instead of being impatient, one should be very patient, unhurried and tolerant. Instead of talking more, one should be more intent on listening. Instead of ignoring conflict one should pay more attention to it. Instead of arguing one should tactfully handle objections, identify common ground, and harness the power of persuasion by using both verbal and non-verbal persuasion skills. A win-win negotiation usually leads to long term gain and contentment. . “Let us never negotiate out of fear but let us never fear to negotiate” President John F.  Kennedy 1961.

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