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Saturday, March 31, 2012


What basic, fundamental, indispensable computer skills are absolutely necessary in today’s job market? Is it enough to know the parts of a desktop computer system?  How about knowing how to open, close, save, print, copy, and pasting a document? Nowadays when we talk about computer skills, we are not merely focused on the hardware and the software.  We are constantly faced with fast paced, advanced and emerging technology. However, one very important tool that still drives all other technology is mastering the keyboard. Being able to type well is a key element in keeping up with today’s world. Hunt-and-peck typing is not acceptable! Typing at a keyboard is considered vital in acquiring computer literacy skills. It is for this reason keyboarding is now being taught early to elementary students. Other essential computer skills are using word processing, spreadsheet, database, file management, presentation programs, and proper use of communication tools such as emails, blogs, webinars, conference calls, as well as internet searches using search engines and navigating social networking sites. Aside from the desktop computer, acquiring essential computer skills entails harnessing new technology that include a wide array of smart phones, a new breed of laptops, tablets, scanners, e-readers,  audio, video, wireless internet, as well as networking products.

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