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Friday, February 3, 2012


There is no right or wrong answer to this question.  You can try to be good in as many different areas as you can, or you can choose to become the expert in one specific field.  However if you simply want to improve the quality of your work as well as your life, you should possess at the very least, skills that employers are always looking for, as well as continually be in skills acquisition mode in any chosen career. The reason for this is because the workplace is constantly changing. You have to expect and plan for change.  If you want to remain attractive to employers, you need to continue learning and developing new skills throughout your entire working life. At the very least you should have the following:
                                   1. Basic skills
                                   2.Thinking skills
                                   3. Interpersonal skills

As you progress in your career you should likewise focus on developing the following:

                                   1. Planning skills
                                   2. Scheduling skills
                                   3. Goal setting skills
                                   4. Decision making skills
                                   5. Problem solving skills
                                   6. Conflict resolution skills
                                   7. Information handling skills
                                   8. Information technology skills
                                   9. Commercial awareness
                                 10. Self-awareness skills

So, what skills do you have? It would not do any harm to do a self-assessment. You might just be surprised at yourself.

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